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It`s best not to mess with Texas in this battle to poker superstardom. Earn your title by challenging old western poker pros and see your name in the local paper. Compete for cash, fame, properties, transport assets, and more. Youda Governor of Poker revisits the roots of this riveting card game. You`ve got to hold em and know when to fold em to take over Texas.

Game features:
• Texas-style poker
• Tournament and cash games
• Distinct player styles

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista
• DirectX 9
• 1 GHz
• 256 MB RAM

Resolution: 800×600 Fullscreen/Windowed

ссылка для скачивания http://rapidshare.com/files/135897881/Governor_of_Poker.rar

Игрушка реально интересная =) но сильные руки _ у противников


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